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XILO. San Diego, CA, USA

Web App Design
Design System
Usability Testing
Marketing Website Design
Webflow Development
Apr 2020

We started our work with XILO by redesigning their flagship product

XILO Customer Forms is what led us to a long-term collaboration. Since then, we had improved all their products – Dashboard, Agent intake forms, and marketing website. With new improved products, XILO team raised $2m in a seed round and started their path to product growth.
Screen of Xilo UI
Mobile screen of Xilo formScreen of Xilo UI
Screen of Xilo dashboardXilo submit form
Xilo dashboard

Customer Forms

Our approach to Forms stems from key insights gathered through user and market research. Recognizing that insurance quoting isn't a frequent occurrence, we've transformed lengthy forms into a conversational step-by-step flow. This way, users focus on one question at a time, making the entire process more manageable compared to presenting everything on a single page.
Two mobile screens of Xilo UIMobile screen of Xilo UI
3 screens of Xilo mobile UI3 screens of Xilo modal windows UI

Usability Testing

Following our initial iteration, we jumped into a round of usability testing for our fresh designs. We formulated hypotheses, devised testing scenarios, crafted hi-fi prototypes using Protopie (one for Desktop and another for Mobile), enlisted users fitting our criteria, and conducted the tests. This process swiftly unveiled some usability glitches that we promptly addressed. Within just a week, we refined our designs and garnered valuable feedback from actual users prior to heading into development.
Screen of Xilo UI and user feedbackScreen of Xilo UI and user feedback
Screen of Xilo UI and user feedback

Design System

To ensure brand consistency across three distinct products and our marketing website, we developed a design system that harmonizes all designs. This design language for XILO guarantees consistency in all upcoming products and features.






Grid System
Xilo design system components

Backoffice System To Create Forms, Workflows And Manage Sales

XILO's growth bottleneck was manual client setup. To address this, we introduced a new form builder and enhanced the dashboard for easy creation of intake forms, workflow automation, and CRM data mapping.
Xilo dashboard
Screen of Xilo UI
Screen of Xilo UI

Automation workflows

Our team crafted a workflow builder from scratch, empowering insurance agencies with the essential tools to automate operations, communications, and policy renewals. This was achieved through a process of continuous iterations and prototyping.
Screen of Xilo UIScreen of Xilo UI

Agency performance and analytics

With a primary focus on data and information design, we designed an analytics dashboard that gives users a bird's eye view of their business and ops.
Screen of Xilo UI
Screen of Xilo UI with graphsScreen of Xilo UI

Marketing website production

Using Webflow, we designed and developed a marketing website for XILO along with pitch deck designs for seed round investments and other marketing initiatives.
Screen of Xilo UIScreen of Xilo UI
Screen of Xilo UIScreen of Xilo UI


3 text labels:$6 million raised in seed round; 300+ corporate clients; Customers from 38 states.

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