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Count’d. Dubai, UAE

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Oct 2020
Feb 2021
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Healthy meal subscription app

Countd's core concept revolves around providing personalized meal plans tailored to each customer's sport activity and fitness goals. We assisted in shaping the product vision, constructing user flows, designing a mobile app, and facilitating its launch. The outcome: the first-ever personalized meal plans delivery service, just two taps away from you.
Three screens of the Countd app UI


To suggest meal plans, Countd needs to know some basics about the customer – delivery location, activity level, fitness goals, food allergies, and meals preferences. To get all of it, we designed a seamless onboarding flow.
Three screens of the Countd app UI

Customizable meals and seamless order experience

In addition to personalized meal plans, Countd empowers users to choose meals from available options, manage delivery details, and even modify ingredients—all with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Keeps you in shape

We crafted the application to track users' calorie intake and compare it with the calories they burn through exercise. This enables the app to analyze the balance between calorie intake and workouts, aiding users in achieving their desired fitness goals.
Screen of the Countd app UI
Screen of the Countd app UI
Three screens of the Countd app UI

Corporate Challenges

Our team introduced a distinctive feature enabling users to participate in the Corporate Challenge, offering the opportunity to win exciting prizes such as Apple Watches. We crafted an experience where each company has its own set of challenges, engaging employees in adopting a healthier lifestyle.
Three screens of the Countd app UI

Design System

For consistent brand representation, we established a design system ensuring compatibility across all designs. This design language for Count'd ensures uniformity for all upcoming products and features.






Grid System
illustration with design system components

Account, Payments, Support, and Referrals

screenshots of the app

Website production

Our team created a responsive website that promotes Count'd's service and brand. We used Webflow to design and develop it.
Countd website screens

Excited is a design partner on every step of the brand journey

Countd started working with us right at the beginning of their journey, and we took care of all their design needs as they grew into a successful business.
Countd branded shopping bag


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2023 – Best User Experience
2023 – Financial Services & Banking

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2022 – Interface Design;
2021 – Interface Design;
2020 – Corporate Design & Identity;
2020 – Brand Design & Identity

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2022 – Best Product Redesign: Doctori;
2022 – Best Product Design: Count’d

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2023 – The awwwards jury declared Verida Network website Honors in recognition.
2019 – The awwwards jury declared our website Honors in recognition.