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Count’d. Dubai, UAE

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Oct 2020
Feb 2021
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Healthy meal subscription app

Countd 's main idea is to deliver meal plans that is personalized for every customer based on their sport activity and fitness goals. We helped them form a product vision, build all user flows, design a mobile app, and help to launch it. As a result – the first-ever personalized meal plans delivery service that is two taps away from you.


To suggest meal plans, Countd needs to know some basics about the customer – delivery location, activity level, fitness goals, food allergies, and meals preferences. To get all of it, we designed a seamless onboarding flow.

Customizable meals and seamless order experience

Besides that, all meal plans are crafted for every user Countd also gives users the ability to select meals from available options, manage delivery time and location, and even change ingredients. Everything in few taps on your mobile device.

Design System

To make the platform brand consistent, we created a design system that makes all designs compatible. Having this design language for Count’d means that all future products and features are going to be consistent.






Grid System

Keeps you in shape

We designed the application to count all calories that users eat and compare it to all calories that users burn. This way app can compare calorie intake with exercises and help users be in the shape they wanted to be.

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