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6 months
New level of customer experience

Full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management

ClubReady is one of the leading software providers for fitness and wellness studios. Their comprehensive product line gives studios all the tools they need to run their businesses smoothly.

Our partnership began with a complete revamp of their scheduling solution and has continued to include redesigns and improvements on other products.
web app screen with a booking calendar view
Availability screen UITime booking screen UI
Screens of ClubReady user interface

Feature mapping and user research

After mapping out the functionality of our existing product, we conducted user research and consulted with customers to better understand their needs. When redesigning a complex product with many users, it's important that we explore real problems (and not just make things pretty).
feature mapping diagram
Sticky notes with user feedbackSticky notes with user feedback

One place to work with bookings and scheduling

Based on insights from user research, we defined new layout and UX strategy for our bookings view.

New experience to create and manage bookings

We defined all possible types of bookings and built a system that could handle every variation. We also designed the flows for creating, managing, and canceling reservations to prevent duplicate bookings or other errors from occurring.

Redesign of a marketing suite to run sales, operations, and engagement

Our team worked on a set of marketing tools for studios that allows them to power all their marketing and operational efforts with powerful, easy-to-use features. First is Conversations, which provides consolidated access to all messages with customers across email, text messages, and in-app chat.
Screen of ClubReady user interface
Screen of ClubReady user interfaceScreen of ClubReady user interface

Email campaigns

Our team designed a seamless experience that combines multiple communication channels—email and SMS/text messaging. This gives customers the ability to set up single communications as well as drip campaigns across all of your customer touch points.
Screen of ClubReady user interfaceScreen of ClubReady user interface
Screen of ClubReady user interfaceScreen of ClubReady user interface

Tasks and communication templates

We also designed a holistic flow of how team tasks and communication templates work. Our approach to this is integrated and aligned with other parts of the system, making it easier for everyone.
Screen of ClubReady user interface
Screen of ClubReady user interfaceScreen of ClubReady user interface

One place to manage organization settings

Another major component of this project is a web-based application to manage settings across multiple products. It was designed from the ground up with simplicity and flexibility in mind.
Welcome screen of ClubReady user interface
Screen of ClubReady user interfaceLocation management screen of ClubReady user interface
Screen of ClubReady user interface

User management

Our team also designed one place to manage all users across all products. This is a major step in reducing the time and effort it takes to manage users. The interface was designed to appeal to everybody, including people who are not technologically savvy.
User management screen
Change user role screen of ClubReady user interfaceAssing to locations screen of ClubReady user interface

Design system

When we work on massive projects like this—including multiple products that work together—design system and holistic documentation is a very important pieces of the puzzle. Our team created and maintained one design language that unites all ClubReady products, making it easy for every user to move from one platform to another without feeling lost or disoriented.
Clubready design system components

Usability testing

Our team ran a series of usability tests to ensure that the redesigned solution was easy-to-use and that customers wouldn't have a problem with adoption. It helped us identify usability gaps and insights before starting the development.
User feedback text bubbles over Clubready user interface


Two pieces of text: Robust and unified design language; New level of customer experience

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