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We believe that equal importance in a team, environment with no bureaucracy, teammates that eager to help each other, honest work relationships, and teamwork mindset is characteristic of a place where we want to work. So we are doing our best to create such an environment.

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Our values

Be a pro

To be a professional means a lot to us. It’s about the high quality of work, excellent communication, continual growth, and a result-oriented approach.

Carry the ball

Responsibility and partnership. We are all in one boat together. We are responsible for getting things done. Everyone has their own talents and duties, and we deliver them in the best possible way.


We develop an ethical environment and do not accept political games and double-dealing inside the agency.

Be Excited!

For us, design is more than a job. It’s a part of our life and our passion. But also we have other interests like music, traveling, snowboarding, drumming, photography, board games, dancing, and so on.

“Those values are not just words for us. It's our guide in everyday work and moments of doubt. They can answer a lot of questions and help you make the right decision. We love our culture and believe that doing business due to our morals is the best possible way to do exceptional work and live happy lives”

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Aneliia Zazulina
Co-Founder, CEO

Working at Excited

Anastasiia's portrait
Anastasiia Solonynka
Senior Product Designer

"To join the Excited Agency team was a great decision! I’m working here as a Product Designer for more than three years. At Excited, I grew up and continue to grow as a specialist. For me, it is essential to be inspired by what I do every day and to be surrounded by cool people from whom I can learn and with whom we can have fun at the same time. I am excited to be a part of Excited!"

Anastasiia Solonynka
Senior Product Designer

"At Excited, I found everything I was looking for and even more: a professional and fun team with which I am always on the same page, colleagues openness, friendliness, loyalty from managers, and a design environment where you want to create great products and develop professionally."

Vitalii Smereka
Lead Product Designer
Vitalii's portrait
Vitalii Smereka
Lead Product Designer
Khrystyna's portrait
Khrystyna Kuchma
Senior Product Designer

"Working at Excited as a product designer for over 4 years has been an incredible journey of career development and professional victories. During my time at Excited, I have witnessed the remarkable growth of the company. We have not only expanded our client base but also achieved numerous awards. Additionally, the supportive and collaborative environment has fostered great relationships with my colleagues. It has been a delight to contribute to the company's success, and I look forward to many more years of professional growth and success with Excited."

Khrystyna Kuchma
Senior Product Designer

Compensation & Benefits

50% compensation for education

We are always happy to support your growth. So no matter if you want to take a course, visit the conference, or get a certification, we are ready to back up.

Design community

At Excited we gather talented creatives to do great things together. Every month we have Design Showcases where we share the most interesting experience and get inspiration. Also, we have knowledge-sharing meetings and a big design library for your extracurricular reading.

Mental health

We believe that mental health isn’t less important than physical health. So we care about it in the workplace. Excited agency is your safe place where you can be yourself. Also, we pay 50% for your first ten sessions with a psychologist or psychotherapist if needed. Besides this, we invite different specialists for internal lectures about mental health and have many helpful materials for self-study.

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Working process and excited merchMark is working while looking on a monitor
Comfy yellow chair in Excited office
Part of the team discussing a design solutionEmpty meeting room with a big TV, desk and chairs

Comfy office

It's located in the city center with a balcony view of the old city. At the office, are all the necessary equipment for work and recharging. You can have a bite in the kitchen (we always have DIY breakfasts, fruits, hot beverages, and freshly roasted coffee), do some exercise in the sports corner, or just relax on upholstered furniture.

Time off

During the pandemic, we have a hybrid schedule - we mix working from home and the office. All kinds of absence such as paid vacation, paid sick leaves occur at Excited. National holidays are paid days off too. If you need more, we also have an option to take credit for vacations. Everything is automated, so you always know your entitlement and can make requests at any time.

Corporate events and cozy breakfasts

In Excited we like spending time together not only in the office. Two times per year we have awesome corporate parties outside the city,  a lot of different team-building activities, and every last Friday of the month - our favorite Agency Breakfasts.

Family support

We celebrate your love with a marital, financial bonus for you. Also, we congratulate you on a newborn baby with additional financial support, and in case of parental leave, you can count on the 6-month guarantee to return to the same or similar role.

Regular Performance Evaluations

We created a detailed competency matrix for our designers, so everyone knows in what direction to move. You don't need to wonder about salary review because our performance evaluations are regular (every 6/9 month); it's tied to your first day at work and arranged on the calendar in advance. So you always know when it happens and can be 100% prepared.

Long term commitment

We love traveling and appreciate your loyalty. So we have our authorial, exceptional benefit. For every year of our partnership, you’ll get one additional paid vacation day. Starting from two years of cooperation, we give extra vacation days and a paid surprise trip for those days.

Free seasonal flu vaccination

We arrange an appointment for seasonal flu vaccination (costs are covered by Excited) for you. Please note that it's only of your goodwill and not obligatory.

Baby lying in bed with "My dad works at Excited" words on its shirtCoat rack with clothes with Excited branding
Beatifull city view on a church and a bridge

Excited life

Happy Excited team smiling and hugging each other in a forest
Aneliia's portrait
Excited team hiking in mountainsGroup photo in a forestTeam group photo
Oleksandr and Vitalii are hiking in a wood
Three girls smiling in skiing suits

Open Job Positions

Product Designer

We are looking for a product designer with experience in designing web applications, mobile apps, and SaaS. You should have Analytical thinking, excellent visual design skills, a deep understanding of technologies, and excellent English.

Yulia's smiling portrait

Have more questions?

If you have any doubts please don’t be shy and contact our HR Manager Yuliia: / +380 93 44 767 15
She would be happy to answer all the questions.

Awards and recognition
Red Dot logo
x4 Red Dot Awards

2022 – Interface Design;
2021 – Interface Design;
2020 – Corporate Design & Identity;
Brand Design & Identity

Clutch logo
TOP 10 UX agencies by Clutch

Excited is among the TOP 10 UX agencies globally

x8 CSS Design Awards

2021, 2020
x 2 Special Kudos;
x 2 Best UI Design;
x 2 Best UX Design;
x 2 Best Innovation

w3 logo
x2 w3 Awards

2022 - Best Product Redesign: Doctori;
Best Product Design: Count’d

Awwwwards logo
x2 Awwwards

2023 – The awwwards jury declared Verida Network website Honors in recognition.
2019 – The awwwards jury declared our website Honors in recognition.