We mix analytical thinking with creativity and a product mindset. This way, we achieve top results that work awesome, look amazing.

Our team standing in front of the wall with design awards

Our values

Be a pro

To be a professional means a lot to us. It involves high-quality work, excellent communication, continual growth, and a result-oriented approach.

Carry the ball

Responsibility and partnership define our ethos. Together in the same boat, we're accountable for getting things done. Each with unique talents and duties, we ensure effective delivery.

Be aboveboard

We cultivate an ethical environment, rejecting political games and double-dealing within the agency.

Be Excited!

For us, design isn't just a job. It's a part of our life and our passion. That said, we also encourage our team to explore other pursuits such as music, traveling, snowboarding, drumming, and much much more.

Those values are not just words for us. It's our guide in everyday work and moments of doubt. They can answer a lot of questions and help you make the right decision. We love our culture and believe that doing business according to our morals is the best possible way to do exceptional work and live happy lives.
Photo of Aneliia

Aneliia Zazulina

Co-Founder, CEO

Working at Excited

Photo of Anastasiia Solonynka
To join the Excited Agency team was a great decision!

I’m working here as a Product Designer for almost a year. At Excited, I grew up and continue to grow as a specialist. For me, it is essential to be inspired by what I do every day and to be surrounded by cool people from whom I can learn and with whom we can have fun at the same time. I am excited to be a part of Excited!"

Anastasiia Solonynka

Lead Product Designer

Photo of Vitalii Smereka
At Excited, I found everything I was looking for and even more!

It is a professional and fun team with which I am always on the same page, colleagues openness, friendliness, loyalty from managers, and a design environment where you want to create great products and develop professionally.

Vitalii Smereka

Lead Product Designer

Photo of Khrystyna Kuchma
Working at Excited as a product designer for over 5 years has been an incredible journey of career development and professional victories.

During my time at Excited, I have witnessed the remarkable growth of the company. It has been a delight to contribute to the company's success, and I look forward to many more years of professional growth and success with Excited.

Khrystyna Kuchma

Senior Product Designer

Compensation & Benefits

50% compensation for education

We are always happy to support your growth. No matter if you want to take a course, visit a conference, or get a certification, we are ready to back you up.

Design community

At Excited, we bring together talented creatives to collaborate on remarkable projects. Our monthly Design Showcases feature the most noteworthy experiences, serving as a source of inspiration. Additionally, we host knowledge-sharing meetings and maintain an extensive design library for your extracurricular reading pleasure.

Mental health

In our workspace, we value mental health just as much as physical well-being. Excited agency is your safe place, allowing you to be yourself. We also cover 50% of the cost for your first ten sessions with a psychologist or psychotherapist if needed. Additionally, we host internal lectures with various specialists discussing mental health, and provide numerous resources for self-study.

Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited
Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited
Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited

Comfy office

Our office sits in a cool, modern center not too far from the heart of Lviv, complete with a terrace and loads of nearby cafes for your lunch runs. Around us, you'll find everything from gyms and supermarkets to salons, dentists, and plenty of parking spots. It's all set up for a great work vibe and chill times, with meeting rooms, a laid-back open space, and a kitchen that's always stocked with stuff for a quick DIY breakfast, fresh fruit, and your morning caffeine fix.

Time off

Amid the pandemic, we've adopted a hybrid schedule, blending work-from-home and office days. At Excited, we've got you covered with various types of leaves – paid vacation, paid sick leaves, and national holidays are all part of the package. Need extra time? We even have a vacation credit option. Everything runs smoothly with our automated system, ensuring you always know your entitlements.

Corporate events and cozy breakfasts

At Excited, we enjoy hanging out together beyond the office walls. Twice a year, we throw fantastic corporate parties outside the city, dive into various team-building activities, and every last Friday of the month, we savor our favorite Agency Breakfasts.

Long term commitment

We love traveling and appreciate your loyalty. So we have our authorial, exceptional benefit. For every year of our partnership, you’ll get one additional paid vacation day. Starting from two years of cooperation, we give extra vacation days and a paid surprise trip for those days.

Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited
Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited
Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited

IT Club card

As part of the IT Cluster, we hook you up with an IT Club card loaded with perks! This little gem unlocks special discounts at tech gadget, book, and clothing stores, hotels, restaurants, and more across Ukraine.

Regular performance evaluations

We've crafted a detailed competency matrix for our designers, giving everyone a clear path forward. Forget the guesswork about salary reviews – our performance evaluations are regular (every 6/9 months), starting from your first day on the job and scheduled in advance. So, you're always in the loop, well-prepped, and ready for the next step.

Free seasonal flu vaccination

We set up a flu shot appointment for you, and Excited covers the cost. It's entirely optional, just a little something extra for your well-being!

Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited
Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited
Decorative image that visualizes an Compensation & Benefits at Excited

Excited life

Excited people
Excited people
Evening movies time
Corporative in Excited agency
Exited team walking around the forrest
Excited company at ski
Lunch time

Open Job Positions

Lviv (Hybrid)
All Ukraine (Remote)
Full time

Junior Strong Motion Designer

We are seeking a candidate with experience in crafting smooth motion graphics.

Lviv (Hybrid)
All Ukraine (Remote)
Full time

Senior Graphic/Brand Designer

Looking for an experienced professional with outstanding visual design skills and expertise in creating visual communications and branding for digital products

Lviv (Hybrid)
All Ukraine (Remote)
Full time

Middle Graphic/Brand Designer

We are looking for a Graphic Designer to extend our Branding Department.

Lviv (Hybrid)
All Ukraine (Remote)
Full time

Middle Product Designer

Seeking a qualified product designer experienced in web, mobile, and SaaS applications, with strong visual skills and excellent English.

Have more questions?

If you have any doubts please don’t be shy and contact our HR Manager. Yuliia would be happy to answer all the questions.

Photo of Yulia
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