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Richardson, TX, USA

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Sep 2020
Apr 2021

All-in-one suite for insurance agencies to run marketing, sales, and digital analytics

On an everyday basis, insurance agents spend their time switching from one tool to another to manage their sales, communicate with their customers, run sales, dig analytics, and much more. InsuredMine is changing this by bringing all these tools together in one platform, tailored specifically for insurance agencies' workflows.

Our goal was to redesign and improve their flagship product, marketing website, and Whitelabel iOS app. To make sure that we were making products better for end-users and solving their real problems, we involved current customers in the process from the day one.
Desktop screens of InsuredMine
Three mobile screens of InsuredMine interface
InsuredMine dashboard screen

Marketing automations – one place for Multi-channel communications

To enable users to seamlessly communicate with prospects and clients through both Email and Text messages within a single communication stream, we crafted an experience where both channels can be utilized in one marketing campaign or automation. It may sound complicated, but it works effortlessly!
InsuredMine interface screenInsuredMine interface screen

White-label mobile app

Each premium user receives a white-label mobile app, empowering their customers to manage policies, obtain quotes, communicate with agents, and report incidents. We underwent a complete redesign, ensuring a cohesive brand identity and providing agents with a tool to engage with their customers on a whole new level.
4 InsuredMine mobile interface screens
3 mobile interface screens

Design System

Maintaining consistency across three products and a marketing website with a shared brand identity is undoubtedly challenging. However, the presence of a robust design system and comprehensive documentation makes the task much more manageable.






Grid System
Design system componentsDesign system components

Marketing website

The final touchpoint for digital communication with InsuredMine is its marketing website. We embarked on a complete redesign, establishing a new value proposition and refining market positioning from the ground up.
InsuredMine interface screens
InsuredMine website screens


Image with 3 text labels: Consistent product line; Rapid product growth; Leading insurance agencies are using InsuredMine!

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