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Adelaide, Australia

iOS App design
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Dec 2019

Single mobile app for managing all your data, cryptocurrencies, and more

At the core of Verida lies blockchain technology, securely storing your data—from healthcare records and vaccination certificates to digital identities. Plus, it empowers you to effortlessly manage your cryptocurrencies.
Screens of different Verida products

Share and receive data with your peers, businesses, and government organizations

Verida empowers users with a standout feature: seamless sharing and receiving of data from various parties. For instance, when registering a new vehicle, instead of dealing with multiple online and offline operations, you just need to approve data-sharing requests for your driving license and insurance history. Easy as that.
4 screens of Verida Wallet mobile app

Secure conversations and location tracking

Verida users enjoy complimentary access to secure chatting and location tracking, all backed by blockchain. From personal conversations and group chats to file uploads and a list of visited places—it's all in one place.

Our main challenge was crafting these flows to seamlessly integrate with other features, utilizing the same components and interactions.
3 screens of Verida Wallet app

Buy & exchange cryptocurrency

We designed a holistic user experience to manage all your crypto tokens. The app allows users to manage any existing wallet, send crypto to other users, receive it from others, and of course, buying it as well. All in one place.
3 screens of Verida Wallet app

Design System

Having three products and a marketing website consistent and sharing one brand identity is hard, no doubt. However, having a robust design system and documentation solves that problem.






Grid System
Verida design system components

Verida One

One of the latest products of Verida that we took part in was Verida One. It's a platform that stores all decentralized data in one place.
Screens of Verida One web app
3 screens of Verida One web app

Verida One Waitlist Landing Page

To increase engagement and gather initial beta testers for the product, we utilized Webflow to create a landing page, which enabled our clients to test various marketing messages quickly.
Screens of Verida One web app

Verida Network Website

Another website that our team designed and developed in Webflow was – Verida Network. It's a multi-chain protocol for interoperable database storage and messaging built on a decentralized identity.
3 screens of Verida Network website3 screens of Verida Network website

Branding and marketing support

Our cross-functional team also took care of logo design, branding, and design for the primary marketing materials.
Hoodie with Verida logoVerida app logo on iPhone screens between other apps
Two stands with Verida branded banners 5 marketing Verida banners
Hand-drawn sketch of a house3d model of a House
3d model of a House with Verida brand elements


3 text labels: $3 million raised in seed round; Rapid product growth; Backed by Launchhub, Gate Labs, GBV Capital and others.

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x2 The Lovie Awards

2023 – Best User Experience
2023 – Financial Services & Banking

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x4 Red Dot Awards

2022 – Interface Design;
2021 – Interface Design;
2020 – Corporate Design & Identity;
2020 – Brand Design & Identity

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Excited is among the TOP 3 UX agencies globally

x8 CSS Design Awards

2021, 2020
x 2 Special Kudos;
x 2 Best UI Design;
x 2 Best UX Design;
x 2 Best Innovation

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x2 w3 Awards

2022 – Best Product Redesign: Doctori;
2022 – Best Product Design: Count’d

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x2 Awwwards

2023 – The awwwards jury declared Verida Network website Honors in recognition.
2019 – The awwwards jury declared our website Honors in recognition.