How our team designed an NFT
label and marketplace
from scratch

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Geisted. Berlin, Germany

Responsive Web Design
Web App Design
MVP Design
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Market Research
Nov 2021
Jan 2022
Website NFT label and marketplace from scratch

NFT ecosystem for professionals

Geisted is a one-stop shop for digital artists, with everything you need to create, manage and sell your artworks. We designed an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for anyone who creates visual art to be successful here.

Our team began work by researching competition, mapping user journeys and flows, putting together prototypes of different visual designs—all of which were well documented to facilitate the development process.
Desktop screens of Geisted web pages
3 desktop screens
Screen of Geisted user interface
Geisted log in screenGeisted settings view

Market research and mapping user experience

Our team started the project by researching competitors, understanding user needs, and defining a baseline of user experience. Then, we mapped all possible flows users would take within our platform—and prioritized them to define MVP scope.
Geisted information architecture chart

Discover and buy new art

Geisted offers two main ways of purchasing art: drops, which sell limited-edition new pieces, and the marketplace where users can both purchase and sell previously purchased works.
Abstract artwork with price tagsArtwork cards with description and prices

The intersection of online and offline

One main benefit differentiating Geisted from other NFT platforms is offline events and exhibitions. People can purchase tickets to these events and experience the synergy of online exhibitions with NFTs.
Screen of Geisted user interface

NFT label for artists

Geisted only works with selected artists and sells their work exclusively. Our team created a set of tools to allow them mint new art, sell it and collect royalties, while also promoting themselves.
Screen of art collection page

NFT premium collectible cards

Customers also have access to limited collectible cards that are only available on Geisted. We created an experience where people can complete a unique album of these cards and receive additional bonuses for that.
2 screens of Geisted user interface
NFT art cards

Responsive design that works perfect on everything

The team designed the platform to be responsive, so that it works on any device. Mobile and desktop versions of each page were created as well as multiple layout schemes for easy customization.
Geisted mobile design screens

Documentation and design system

Product consistency and distinguished development hand-off depend on a proper design system and documentation. Geisted has one, in order to maintain high standards of quality across the whole platform.
Components of Geisted design system


3 text labels: NFT Label & Marketplace; Combination of digital & physical world in one place; Launched website withNFT marketplace and offline events.

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