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Doctori. Bahrain

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Mar 2021
June 2021

First licensed telemedicine app for online video consultations

Launched in Bahrain in 2020, Doctori's team initiated with an MVP to gauge market demand. Following the onboarding of initial users and doctors, the focus shifted towards enhancing overall user experience, refining visual design, and preparing the service for future growth. That's when our collaboration began.
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Seamless appointment booking experience

The pivotal point in the user journey is finding the right doctor and booking an appointment, which led us to enhance this process. We streamlined the user flow by creating a more robust search experience and introduced the capability to filter doctors by various parameters. Simultaneously, we reimagined the design of doctors' profiles, focusing on improved data visualization, clear information prioritization, and a fresh visual design.
3 screens of Doctori app

Online appointments made easy

Having talked to the Doctoriteam and incorporated user feedback, we revamped the virtual appointment experience for all users. For patients, we simplified and streamlined the user flow, resulting in better adoption for new users. Simultaneously, we provided doctors with innovative tools to transform their phones into comprehensive workstations during calls. This allows them to take notes, access patients' medical history, and view medical profiles, creating a unified and cohesive online consultation experience.
3 screens of Doctori app

New mobile app for doctors

Based on users' feedback for the app's first version, we focused on revamping doctors' essential tasks in the mobile app – appointments, communication with patients, availability management, and analytics.
screens of Doctori app

User testing

To validate our product improvements pre-development, we conducted unmoderated usability testing using Maze. Within a week, we crafted missions and developed two prototypes mirroring the final product. The insights gathered allowed us to swiftly enhance the product before its relaunch. Based on superior user testing results, we opted for the second variant.
Chart with user testing flow

Design system

A robust design system and extensive documentation are a key to successful design-development collaboration and consistency. Using design tokens, auto-layout, variants, and interactive components gives us opportunities to iterate fast and keep the eco-system of products consistent.
Doctori design system components


3 text labels: $500k raised in seed round; +15k new users in app; 200+ new users in app.

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