Designing mobile and web experiences for yacht renting

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Aceplace. Dubai, UAE

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3 months

One place to book yachts and water sports experiences in UAE

From the early stages of the project, we collaborated closely with Aceplace team. We helped them realize their business and product vision by designing a seamless cross-platform experience for their users. Firstly, we created wireframes for the mobile app, developed a visual language, designed the entire app, and documented it in a design system that was ready for development. Later, we extended this design system to their desktop web application to ensure consistency across platforms.
Screens with Aceplace web and mobile designs
Aceplace app interface elementsTwo screens of the Aceplace app

Exploring and finding the best yachts and water sports in the UAE

Users start their journey by using the search and explore sections, which display featured offerings and help them find what they're looking for. To ensure a smooth user experience with excellent usability, we included only essential parameters initially, with the rest kept as secondary filtering options.
Aceplace app filter screen Aceplace app with a map screen

Listing pages

To help users navigate easily, we created a minimalist listing page and grouped information based on their usage.
Aceplace app screens showing service details

Booking flow

In order to create a smooth booking process and gather essential user information, we employed a linear approach by dividing the process into separate steps. This enabled users to focus on one data set and set of questions at a time, leading to an excellent user experience and a fast booking flow.
Aceplace app services cards
Aceplace app mobile screens

Split payments

One amazing feature that we designed was split payments. It allows users to split payments with their friends and family who are part of the booking. To ensure that this experience is a breeze for everyone, we designed flows that cover all types of users and possible use cases focusing on one mission – making it easy for everyone.
Aceplace app split payment screen

First experience

Ensuring a smooth onboarding process is key to the success of an app. That's why our team created a seamless registration and onboarding flow that is contextual and prompts users to create an account at the right time. This approach helped us achieve higher conversion rates for account creation.
4 onboarding screens
Aceplace app login screen

Host dashboard

Our mobile app update streamlines host operations by integrating key features: a bookings system for managing reservations, a calendar to control availability and add bookings, and the ability to toggle between multiple business accounts, all designed for efficiency and ease of use.
Aceplace app mobile screens
App dashboard viewEdit booking view

Light and dark mode

We've introduced a dark mode, recognising that it's easier on the eyes for many, especially in low-light environments. Additionally, this feature caters to those who prefer a cohesive aesthetic, aligning with users who set their entire device to dark mode for a uniform look and feel.
Light mode UI exampleLight mode UI exampleDark mode UI exampleDark mode UI example

Desktop experience

Our team has extended the Aceplace experience to the desktop web, ensuring users can interact with our platform from any device, providing consistency and accessibility. Additionally, having a web app enhances our visibility, as it passively increases our chances of being featured in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), making Aceplace more discoverable to potential new users.
Aceplace website screens

Design system

Design systems streamline our process, allowing us to design and code elements once for indefinite reuse, which enhances consistency and saves both time and money. This approach enables our teams to efficiently replicate the intended user experience across various platforms.
Components of Aceplace design system
Aceplace UI cardAceplace UI 3 cards in dark mode

Marketing and visual comms

Without marketing, no users will experience the UX. Thus, we've intensely honed our marketing visuals to draw new customers in.
Aceplace screenshots for App Store

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