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Everything you need to get meaningful estimates from developers

Rapid Scoper allows users save time and money with better requirements.

Gathering accurate requirements for a new startup is an essential step to obtain meaningful quotes and time estimates from developers.

Poorly written requirements will result in developers incorrectly quoting for work and building the wrong product features - a kiss of death to many startups.

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How to scope software faster, more reliably?

Working across multiple industries and technologies over the years, our client came across the problem of absence of a single scoping tool  which would be highly comprehensive while staying as intuitive as possible.

Thus, our main challenge was to create a tool which at the end of the process, allows user receive a requirements document that they can share with developers to obtain quotes for the software build.

Our team introduced a research tool called the Use Cases to understand the behaviors, actions, and mindset of potential user. This helped  us in developing customer journey, and a set of product opportunities we could focus on. In the end we came up with several unique features: User Stories, Priorities, Estimates and Labels setup process.

Main Features / 

User Stories

The app is focused around the proven process for scoping software quickly and accurately to avoid project failure.

It allows to calculate more accurate estimates with technical stories helping developers understand the exact requirements.

Main Features / 

Priorities & Estimates

The app helps conciderably reduce project risks by calculating more accurate estimates and setting the level of priority.

Main Features / 

Multi-user Collaboration

Highlighted changes ensure that users stay up-to-date of all scope changes. Comment section helps catch up as quickly as possible.

“Their excellent communication and constant delivery ensured a great outcome.”
Chris Were
Founder, Rapidscoper