Innovation Workshops

This is where all cutting-edge practices come in handy. We use Design Sprint, Lightning Decision Jam, and Problem Framing workshops to help companies innovate and solve business bottlenecks faster.


Design Sprint

Design Sprint is a shortcut to learn without building and launching. Design Sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with final users and customers; basically, a way to solve design problems quickly. In five days, the Design Sprint will help you to:

  • Understand who are the users
  • What are their needs
  • What is the context
  • Review competitors
  • Formulate strategy
  • Ideate and develop lots of solutions
  • Choose the best idea
  • Build something quick to show to users
  • Show the prototype to real users to learn what doesn’t work

What are the stages?

5 days – 5 stages


Map out the problem and pick an important area to focus. The goal of this stage is to expand the understanding of the product/project.


Participants in the Design Sprint should explore all possible solutions to their user problems and sketch out competing solutions.


Time to review all ideas, make decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.


Once you’ve drawn out the hypothesis, devote the entire day to building the prototype.


Show the prototype and get feedback from real live users.


The sprint helps to obtain a clear vision of the goals upfront. It forces you to make critical decisions and solve complex problems fast. This means that you and your team can save months of design, engineering and development costs. The bonus? You’ll be able to get your product to market faster because you focussed on the right thing.


Brand Sprint

A Brand Sprint is an interactive workshop that’s so much more than a brainstorming session. We use our expertise and experience to take you through a rapid thinking process designed to give you actionable insights.
By working through a framework of six exercises, the Brand Sprint:

3 Hours

4 – 6 Participants

1 – 2 Facilitators

  • Helps you think long-term.
  • Reminds you why your company exists.
  • Reduce and set up your company values.
  • Helps you prioritize the target for your brand.
  • Defines the attitude and style of your brand.
  • Analyze your competitive landscape and your key differentiation


Brand Sprint is tailored to your business and will help you convert ideas into actions. It isn’t about solving everything in one go. But you’ll get a complete super simple brand guide when creating a campaign, developing your website, or launching a new product.


Lightning Decision Jam

The problem with anything that requires creative thinking is that it’s easy to get lost—lose focus and fall into the trap of having useless, open-ended, unstructured discussions.
The solution is to replace all open, unstructured discussions with a transparent process. Thus, Lightning Decision Jam allows to:

4 – 6 People

Ideally;  Can be done with just 2 people, but recommended a minimum of 3, and the maximum of 8.

30 – 45 mins

For larger groups (or tackling multiple
problems) all the steps can take up to 1.5 hours.

  • Align a team on one topic
  • Identify the biggest problems
  • Quickly find solutions
  • Decide on the best solutions
  • Close a meeting with actionable results


In a short amount of time your team will be able to go from creating challenges and solutions from a very vague topic to being able to create very actionable steps to implement shortly without losing focus and falling into the trap of having endless discussions.


Value Proposition Design

Value Proposition Canvas helps you tackle the core challenges of every business – creating compelling products and services customers want to buy. It is one of the best tools available to help you when you want to have clear vision on your customer’s profile.


Customer Segment

Understand customer needs.

  • What are the jobs your customer is trying to get done in work or life? These could be both functional and social.
  • What basic needs do your customers have (emotional and/or personal)?
  • What is annoying or troubling your customer?
  • What is preventing him or her from getting the job done?
  • What is hindering your customer’s activities?
  • What would make your customers happy?
  • What outcomes does he or she expect, and what would exceed their expectations?

Value Proposition

What value can you create?

Products, Services
Gain Creators
Pain Relievers
  • What are the products and services you can offer your customer so he can get his job done?
  • What can you offer your customers to help them fulfill the gains?
  • How can you help your customer relieve his pains?


The Value Proposition Canvas is a tool that can help ensure that a product or service is positioned around what the customer values and needs. The Value Proposition Canvas can be used when there is a need to refine an existing product or service offering or where a new offering is being developed from scratch.