Summer Design Academy

We are no longer accepting applications for the Academy. Thank you for your interest! Stay connected for future opportunities and updates.

June 2 - July 22, 2023
Online lectures
Every Mon, Wed, Fri at 9:00 AM. Duration: 60-90 minutes
Application deadline
May 15, 2023
Your commitment
15-20  hours per week for your home work


An understanding of UX design principles.

Experience designing interfaces in Figma.

At least Intermediate level of English.

Strong motivation and dedication to study.


  • 01

    Intro + Product Design process

  • 02

    Research – Competitors, References, Literature research

  • 03

    How digital products work, data processing, integrations

  • 04

    Intro into diagramming. User flows, user journey mapping

  • 05

    Product redesign. Features decomposition

  • 06

    Grids and layout

  • 07

    Information architecture and navigation

  • 08

    Intro into visual design. Essentials of a great visual design

  • 09

    Practicing visual design. Where to get inspiration

  • 10

    Typography. Modular font styles, how to select fonts

  • 11

    Intro into Figma. Project organisations, shortcuts, best practices

  • 12

    Atomic design and design systems

  • 13

    Figma – advanced prototyping

  • 14

    Figma – team libraries, interactive components, creating and maintaining a design system

  • 15

    Designing for Mobile. Guidelines, Navigation

  • 16

    Designing for Mobile. User flows, visual design for mobile, mobile limitations, and advantages

  • 17

    Motion Design Basics – Part 1

  • 18

    Motion Design Basics – Part 2

  • 19


  • 20


  • 21

    Webflow workshop

Success stories

Oleksandra Hryshak

Product Designer
at Excited

"The Summer Design Academy held last year was a highly significant and necessary program for me, as a beginner designer. I am very grateful that even in such difficult times for Ukraine, Excited did not forget about beginners and offered such important help.

I applied in May 2022 and found out very soon that I got this opportunity and was accepted into the Summer Academy. These two months were very concentrated, filled with new knowledge and a lot of practice. Every feedback I received was very valuable to me. All the insights I got there, I still use in my daily work, from interesting and helpful plugins to tips for building efficient design systems and conducting UX audits.

The academy has a practical and hands-on approach to learning design, which is aimed at helping students build real-world design skills. All the lessons are taught by experienced designers who currently work in the industry and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.

I sought to learn from Excited as much as possible, get a lot of practice, and find answers to those questions that even some design courses could not give me, and after two months of hard work and a lot of homework, I got much more than I expected — I got the job! It’s been almost a year since that moment and I’m so glad, that I’m here. We have a cool team, complex, challenging projects, and supportive mentorship as well as joyful corporate parties."

"In 2021, I got a fantastic opportunity to study at Excited academy. I liked the format and got there my first practical design experience. It doesn't matter how many articles you read or Youtube videos watched if you don't have a chance to apply it all in practice.

After two intensive months of learning with Excited, I felt how deeply I had improved my skills. I had a lot of detailed feedback from lecturers who are experienced designers and all support from my patient mentor. It meant a lot for me to get knowledge from people who work at Excited because they know all nuances of working with international projects. As a result, I understood the whole design process from the beginning until the last steps. The program is based on topics you will need in real-life work and contains everything you need to know as a Junior Designer for a successful start.

I did my best during the study, and they noticed it. I got the job offer! I have worked at Excited for almost a year, and I am pleased about it. We have cool projects and create first-class digital solutions. I am very grateful to work in such a professional environment and work on Macbook with an M1 :) "

Oleksandr Boiko

Product Designer
at Excited

Application steps

Apply and get a test task
Complete a test task
Pass the interview

Based on the test task and interview, we will select 10 - 15  the best candidates.
The application deadline is May 15, 2023.

Awards and recognition
x4 Red Dot Awards

2022 – Interface Design;
2021 – Interface Design;
2020 – Corporate Design & Identity;
Brand Design & Identity

TOP 10 UX agencies by Clutch

Excited is among the TOP 10 UX agencies globally

x8 CSS Design Awards

2021, 2020
x 2 Special Kudos;
x 2 Best UI Design;
x 2 Best UX Design;
x 2 Best Innovation

x2 w3 Awards

2022 - Best Product Redesign: Doctori;
Best Product Design: Count’d


2019 – The awwwards jury declared our website Honors in recognition.