Rent a car –
wherever you are


Design concept


Mobile app redesign

Experience mapping





The key word is automation.

Drive is a mobile solution for car sharing. It allows users to reserve vehicles and get automated access to cars. Alternatively, members can use the app to unlock the door as well as to locate a Drive by turning on the hazard lights. Users are charged by the hour. Fuel, parking, insurance, and maintenance are included in the price.

Behind the scenes of carsharing

For users of car sharing services, the main risks are associated with possible account theft. In this case, the attacker will be able to freely dispose of the car, which at this point, allegedly is used by another person. Theft of an account can theoretically be carried out through the vulnerabilities and hidden features of mobile applications. In addition, by hacking an account, attackers can spy on the victim, steal items from the car’s cabin, or perform other illegal actions.

Since in this case, we are talking about the valuable property (car), personal and banking data, as well as about the life and health of drivers and passengers, the main task of the creator of the application for carsharing is to securely protect user accounts and data.

Main functions to be implemented

The key word is automation. Customers rent and return cars themselves with the payment occurring automatically. Customers can see the location of free cars on a mobile app. Those already registered in the system can also see the level of fuel in the tank, the car model and brand, and other information.

User Journey / Onboarding

The conversational design makes flow linear and increases the percentage of users that have finished registration.

Choose the car for all tastes

Option to select different cars for different cases on demand. Whether you're making a routine shopping trip, or you want to make an impressive appearance at the party, there's a car type that suits you.

User Journey / Unlock the car

Find it with the help of the hazard lights, unlock the door and go wherever you need.

User Journey / Payment

You  can view your entire driving history at anytime.