Product Design

We take products through every stage necessary for their creation – Product Discovery, Business and User Research, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, and future Product Improvements.


How we can help you

Its all about your business, users, product, and the challenges you have.


Create a new digital product

Our team combines user-centered approach, research, testing, and technology expertise to make sure you are building a digital product that people want and need. At the same time, it takes into account your business goals and follows all deadlines.


Improve an existing one

Product design never ends; there is always room for improvement. We align our vision to be sure we understand what challenges you have as a business and what problems users have while using your product. Developing new features, redesigning existing and helping you grow – our primary job here.


Extend your product team

Each team has their process and secrets for doing things right. We are following your methods and adding our best practices to make our collaboration amazing.


Test new idea

Before starting development and spending a large part of investments, it's better to research market and target audience by testing prototype with real users. This saves both money and time by discovering issues and understanding real users' needs.


Our creative process

Main steps of our design process


The beginning of a new project may catch one unprepared as it often opens up quite a lot of completely unfamiliar issues. To ensure we know answers for all questions we perform next activities:
–  Stakeholder interviews
–  Market research
–  Competitors review
–  User research
–  Usability review
–  Roadmap


That’s when the exciting things happen as we brainstorm, sketch, iterate, and tweak pixels to build something new. We do:
–  Layout structure and grid system
–  Wireframes and visual design
–  Style tiles
–  Prototypes
–  Flowcharts
–  Design documentation. Design system or UI kit
–  UI animations


Testing prototypes with real users and gathering feedback on the early stages of product development helps us build digital products that people want. Things we do to make it happen:
–  High fidelity prototyping
–  User testing
–  A/B Testing
–  Analytics